A New Leaf

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I’ve spent the past year exclusively working on my startup LifeGadget. Today is my last day of doing this full time (at least for now). This is in no way an indication that I’m less excited or committed to LifeGadget but instead a need to lower my cash-flow risk. For this reason i’m starting a 4 days/week consulting assignment to bring in money and feed the development of LifeGadget.

Life’s going to be busy in this next phase but it was the right choice and I’m feeling good at the moment about the decision.

Start-up life

I’m now in month 4 of being a full time Entreprenuer and I thought I’d reflect quickly on how it’s going.


What’s good:

  • I have tremendous freedom and flexibility on how I run my day. This is probably going to decrease soon as investors and employees come in to ruin my perfect world. :^)
  • I am learning every day and I’m learning things I’m interested in
  • I’m not dependant on a vast army of people doing their job or complex set of dependencies. It’s all down to me.

What’s not so good:

  • I’m not getting paid yet. Hopefully that will change but for any immediate time horizon I am suddenly in a lower economic bracket than I’m used to.
  • I have to do everything myself. Yeah I know I made it out as a plus but it’s both and it depends on what side of the bed you wake up on (or how much coffee you’ve had so far).
  • I don’t have a “partner in crime” (figurative expression only) to bounce ideas off of. This really hurts me as I am an extrovert and want to think externally. There is only so much you can bounce off family and friends effectively.
  • There is a lot of stress and self-doubt that inevitably creeps into building a product. This is particularly pronounced when competitors are springing up every time you read the paper and you don’t have any customers yet. Trust me … it ain’t easy; it requires a combination of professional skills, confidence, compartmentalisation, coping skills, and assumed ignorance. All I can say is thank god for exercise and my innate ability to foster unrealistically grandiose self-beliefs.

Well that’s all for now. I probably have more to say but no time to say it right now … I’ve got a product to build.


Sapient No More

Ken sapient biz card

I took another step in disconnecting from Sapient by uninstalling my email. I guess I need to throw out my business cards too but that feels awfully weird. My last day at Sapient was a week ago, my official termination date is 31 December but in all ways I’m effectively done now. What a long, strange trip its been.

Undoubtedly the future will have some stronger twists and bumps than i’m used to but hopefully greater rewards too. Doesn’t matter really; the corner has been turned. ;^)

Offsite in New Forest


081003_0022-12 081003_0022-6

081003_0022 081003_0022-2

To celebrate a solid quarter and plan for future ones, Sapient’s “Green Team” spent a weekend in New Forest working hard and playing hard. To find all the pictures follow this link:

Green Team in New Forest

Wall Street Journal

check out the online site

As part of the re-branding exercise brought in by Rupert Murdock’s purchase of the Wall Street Journal, Sapient was asked to help with every aspect of the work including helping to define the new online-brand, and designing, developing, testing, and rolling out the new site; all this was done perfectly on schedule to the day.  After a quick browse of the site I must say it looks pretty darn good. Too bad the financial news is so damn depressing.