Congratulations you’ve made it to ken.net; Ken Snyder’s home on the Internet. Before you strap in and enjoy the show, a couple of disclaimers …

This website is not a political statement nor a ploy to make you buy something you really don’t want. You will not find news, weather, regional or global features. This site was never meant to protect endangered species, preach about global warming, or prophesize about world peace. It is not an ingenious, yet farcical look at middle aged Americans. Please don’t come here expecting cures to the common cold. The world may be about to end but this website has no opinion on the topic.

This website is not so many things; but what is it? It is an attempt for one of the many Ken’s in the world to shine above the rest with a fully fantastical site that he can share his pictures (see photo link), talk nonsense on his blog (see blog link), and someday publish cool applications that he’ll never have time to really write. Please use this website with caution; fiction abounds behind every truthful corner.

Ken Snyder