A great red dessert wine

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Kabuki has found a great red dessert wine from Venice and I thought I’d share with all who were interested. I will start by saying I’m no expert on dessert wines and I had typically associated dessert wine with white wines but its clear that there’s room for red wine at the dessert table with Tommaso Bussola’s Amarone wines. Yes the funny looking dude in the picture above is Tommaso (correction: the picture is Tomasso’s uncle Beppe … he looks like a Beppe too if you think about it). If you click the picture it will bring you lots more to say about both Tommaso and his wines.

For reference, we had the Recioto Classico TB last night. Superb! As my birthday is coming round soon Kabuki also bought me a 750ml bottle of the Vigneto Alto TB. No first hand comments on that one yet as it’s in storage until our next big dessert occasion.



I just bought 6 cases of wine (actually more like 7 if I allow for some bespoke shopping I did over the last few weeks). I guess wine is cheaper when you buy in bulk but it doesn’t always feel that way when you pay the bill. ;^)

For those interested the wine I bought was largely Rhone Valley wines but also picked up a case of Bandol Rouge Cuvee Classique which is from Southern France.