Nico in the movies

Nico Siraa (and mom) came to visit us last weekend and it also turned out to be an opportunity for me to play around with my camera’s HD video capture (something I hadn’t really experimented with before). After taking a few clips and realizing that my camera was pretty good at doing what I told it to but I was a pretty poor at directing it to do things that were interesting, I turned to Premier Pro … the video equivalent to Photoshop in the still photography world. The clip above is the result of my mucking about; hope you enjoy it … it ain’t half bad if I do say so myself.

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What a dumb-ass, they guy doesn’t even know the words … then he gets even louder when someone tries to help him with the words. You gotta listen to this to the end. It just keeps getting worse.

Our perception of beauty is affected by what we see on television and print. Dove has done a number of commercials with just normal features rather than exaggerated ones. They’ve now put out a small video called Evolution that shows the evolution of a very plain looking model into the final billboard that is anything but plain: