Williams Duel

The most anticipated game in this year’s US Open appears to be the Venus versus Serena matchup. There’s a small part of me that would love to see Serena to get the official “grand slam”. Serena certainly should be considered one of the all time greats and this sort of achievement seems entirely reasonable for someone at her level.

That said, I’ll be rooting for Venus. Venus is a great player in her own right. No not at the same level as Serena but I feel she is the more interesting and complete persona. I love her ambition and how it seems to comfortably mix with humility and compassion.

NFL Game Pass


I have been a UK season ticket holder for the past 3 years but I skipped it this year. Kinda bummed about that as the games at Wembley are always sold out and great fun. Still one thing I couldn’t be without is the NFL’s “Game Pass” which I think is only available to international customers. For £99 I get every game every week in HD streaming to my desktop. Wholely awesomeness. This time of year it helps to have two monitors. 🙂


I played tennis both days this weekend but playing often does not mean playing well. I can hold up the excuse that the courts have now been resurfaced with a clay-like playing surface which is quite different to what I’m used to. That’s a pretty good excuse for now. In fact I feel remarkably better having come up with it.

Great. Back to work but hopefully back to the courts again soon too. 

Luge Madness


Didn’t that old cowboy song go something like …

“don’t let yur boys grow up to luge riders”

Well it may have been cowboys but I think it would have been better advice had it been louge riders.

On the flip side, what sick twisted mind gravitates toward hurling themselves down a mountain, in a near friction-free yet highly constrained vehicle all with the hope of victory being assessed by your time beating your opponents by a fraction of a second? Whatever happemed to the risk / reward balance?

Well regardless, i’m enjoying all the oddities and amazing athletic feats that are the winter okympics.

Fire your coach


According to my iPad (and courtesy of ESPN) today’s a good to fire your NFL coach if you were contemplating doing that. Oh and it’s also a good day to play Pong World if you’re into that sort of thing.

I suck at tennis

I know you’re thinking … suck? … that’s a bit harsh. Well that’s because you didn’t see me out there today. For instance, today I was able to study in detail the likelihood of winning a point when double faulting. Try as I might I kept on coming back to the statistical norm of 0%. Were I a statistician maybe this would have brought some redeeming satisfaction but alas my contribution back to this art of probability brought me nothing a desire to smash the ball.

And smash I did. I smashed it into the net. I smashed it beyond the baseline. I even smashed my racket on the court once. As you can see my summary of “I suck” may seem harsh, oversimplified, and reactive but I think you’ll find I have evidence to support my claim.

I’m playing again tomorrow and I hope to develop a more positive outlook over these next 24 hours. In fact I’ll go out on a limb and predict that tomorrow I’ll positively suck. :^)