I have recently become an expert on tripod threading standards. Sound exciting? I promise you it isn’t. Well anyway, if it ever comes in handy here’s what I’ve found:

  • Photographic Tripods in the UK use:
    • 1/4″ threading as the standard for consumer grade equipment (with some pro equipment using it too)
    • 3/8″ as the standard for pro equipment (along with the occasional consumer device)

Also worth noting that converting between the two is quite easy with an adaptor that you can get from Amazon or a local retailer. Now, here the “lose some hair” variation:

  • Audio boom microphones seem to have virtually no published standard
  • If you look hard though you’ll find that most of the US models (and some others) use 5/8″ as their standard size.
  • Great, now try and find an adaptor to move from 5/8“ to 3/8” or 1/4″. Finding it in a physical store … almost no chance. You can get them on eBay or Amazon but give yourself a week or two for delivery in most cases.

Canon EOS 5D MK III officially announced

The EOS 5D Mark III has now been officially released and it is clearly an improvement on the 5D Mark II. Personally I don’t care about the 60fps option for video but GPS is a nice add and the focus system sounds great. That said, the fact that even now the Mark II is still a great camera says a lot about how awesome it was when it was released back in 2008. In fact the original 5D was also a simply brilliant camera when it came out and basically created a new category of digital camera (aka, professional full frame sensor in a compact body). I wonder, will the Mark III be talked about years from now as a great camera or just an incremental improvement over a well loved but ageing masterpiece? Ok, now off to read the full preview article on d-preview (always the most in depth reviews out there). Continue reading “Canon EOS 5D MK III officially announced”

More B&W Testing

IMG 8077 Edit

Played around enough with NIk’s SIlver Effects that when the Black Friday sale came around I bought it. Time will tell if I find this a valuable purchase but here’s a picture I took from Istanbul converted to B&W and with the grain turned up.

Experimenting with Black and White

Ken and Kabuki Edit

A friend of mine is using the Sliver Efex plug-in software from Nik. I’ve downloaded a free 15-day demo to play around with it as I’d like to have more tools to work in black and white. It’s a cool space but one I don’t know too much about. I am worried, however, of learning yet another graphics tool when I’ve already invested in learning Photoshop, Lightroom, and in a less relevant example Illustrator and OmniGraffle. Anyway, above is a picture of Kabuki and myself from our Istanbul trip which I flipped into B&W with a simple preset that comes with the software. I did a few very minor adjustments but this is my first try. Not bad. I like the dramatic contrast of this filter. Below is another setting with the same photo.

attempt 2

Don’t really like this one as much but i guess it has a more aged look to it with a little sepia toning, softening of the details, and a little grain. Anyway, I think experimentation period one has come to a close as i need to start packing for my trip to Amsterdam this morning.

Almost lost some photos

I’m particularly careful in my photography workflow to save the originals, never modify them, and always back them up. Caution is worth it when it comes to digital memories. That said … I almost screwed up today. Well it wasn’t today it was a long while back but today it dawned on me. There were a set of photos “missing”. I took the only appropriate course of action available … I panicked:

  • I looked for them on all my memory cards. Not there.
  • I downloaded and paid for a “recovery programme” which found lots of previously deleted files but NOT the ones I was missing. Fail.
  • I then loaded up my photo management software – Adobe Lightroom – and looked for an aptly named folder. Nothing.

Clearly my panicking had been worth it … it had lead me to three dead ends in rapid succession. Finally, I did what I should have started with … I did a general timeline search in Lightroom. Wala … the photos were there all along (albeit not in a special folder of their own). Not much of a story in hindsight but the moral of the story is … be careful with digital photos and when being careful isn’t enough definitely resort to panic. It worked for me.

Black and White

Kabuki’s sister Sophie had a project in Uni that required her to compile pictures of her family and convert to black and white. I helped out a little in the Photoshop department and it reminded me of how cool black and white can be as a portrait medium. I still don’t know that much about the nuances but here are a few shots that I converted this week:


Portrait KenPortrait of Kabuki

Sophie PortraitPortrait of Tom


They weren’t bad shots in colour (see below) but they seem much moodier, more timeless, and just generally better in B&W.


IMG_6944-EditPortrait of Kabuki

IMG_6930Portrait of Tom