B.B. King

Was sad to hear that BB King passed away yesterday at the age of 88. I remember seeing him in concert about 20 years ago and my admiration for his recorded work just skyrocketed when I saw his enthusiasm and authenticity on stage.

B.B. King was a true performer and an amazing embassador for Blues music. He’ll be missed but hopefully rather than be melancholy, we can all just be joyful about what he brought to music and life. Surely the energy of positivity is more in keeping with King than that of mourning.

Nine Mile

I really think Spotify is starting to shine in the “music discovery” category these days and this is an important category for me as I’m dangerously unplugged from the music scene otherwise. Anyway, here’s the most recent gem I’ve found:

Nine Mile

The band is Nine Mile and I think I like every track on the album.

Airplay in, Squeezebox out


Several years ago I feel in love with Squeezebox streaming audio. It was an cost effective and hip alternative to Sonos. Then Logitech bought Squeezebox and at first all was right with the world … more updates, big company backing, etc.

Then things change …

Logitech stopped caring. Their strategy for both Squeezebox and Harmony remotes was at best “on pause” and now for the Squeezebox is formally over. Why? I don’t understand this one but in any case I have found myself spending more

time doing *tech support* on my Squeezebox network than listening to it over the past 6-9 months and have decided to stop trying.

Endings, of course, lead to new beginnings and as of today I’m using AirPlay. I bought the B&W A5 speakers for the living room and an Airport Express to power the stereo in the Kitchen. If this works I’ll find something for the bedroom to complete the house coverage. Looking forward to this next audio chapter.


myWPEditImage Image

I’ve used Last.fm for years now but I was really getting annoyed at it because the player didn’t integrate with my media controls. Such an easy thing to do and so very useful. How could this be left off? Well I’m happy to say they’ve finally gotten around to fixing it.

On a side note, I’d love to know more about their business model, they are clearly motivated by some things other than the B2C business that I’m a subscriber to and those interests seem to make more of an impression on them than other B2B businesses with a strong B2C brand.