I watched the movie Marley — about Bob Marley’s life — on the plane ride back from San Francisco. Not a bad movie and I’m embarrassed to say that I never knew that he died of cancer. The one thing I was expecting to see more of was the relationship between Bob and Peter Tosh but it was never touched on. It’s worth pointing out that the movie was done at the direction of members of his surviving family including Ziggy and Rita Marley which I think is probably the biggest weakness as biographies are rarely well served by a familial narration and this movie is no different. Very little to no negative imagery, aspects and angles filtered out (aka, the Peter Tosh angle), etc. 

Bruno … a study in bad taste


Kabuki and I both enjoyed Sacha Baron Cohen in Borat and were looking forward to him in Bruno. Did any of you see it? Jesus! Nothing redeeming about this movie at all. Well maybe I can’t talk definitively because after 30 minutes (at most) we had to stop watching it. It is just one fowl scene after another. Trust me we’re not faint-hearted, politically delicate, or too conservative to see the dark humour in works. This just wasn’t funny. It wasn’t smart. It was just pushing as hard as possible to be distasteful. It success in this last category doesn’t make it worth watching and I’m surprised that Sacha had such poor taste and that the movie execs were willing to ever let it see the light of day.

Classic Stoner Scenes


A great collection of clips from some classic stoner movies. I love the first one from Cheech and Chong. I can still remember when I first saw this in the theater. Click on the image above to be transported into comedy heaven.


image Watchmen has been getting some luke warm reviews from the critics but Kabuki had just finished the graphic novel the film was based on and had a hankering to go and see it. This is the kind of movie that really works better on a big screen so we decided to go all out and see it at the IMAX theatre.
Unfortunately, what started out as a wish, quickly moved into a desire and then eventually blossomed into a fanatical and frantic crusade to find a free seat at the IMAX. All showings for the next two weeks appeared to be booked but then we found it … a free seat … two free seats … and they were next to each other. What was the catch? The movie started at 4:30am!

For fucks sake? 4:30am? Well as they said in the Blues Brothers, “we’re on a mission from god” and some practical joke of a start time wasn’t going to stop us. We went. We enjoyed. What do those damn critics know anyway. We both thoroughly disagreed with the reviews we heard and I give it two thumbs up. Very good. Not truly great maybe but better than just good.

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