Legend Day


Today is a Legend Day in London. Don’t worry if you’re not familiar with the expression as I just made it up. The basis for the name, however, is on Bob Marley’s quintessential compilation album titled Legend and what I mean is it’s the first super nice day of the Spring. The day that everyone decides “I really need to outside”. The windows in cars come down, people are barbecuing, and music is in the air. Literally and figuratively. Quite often the literal sound of music is of non-other than Marley’s classic … still as good today as it was 30 years ago when I first started listening to it.

Post Code Snobbery



Park Life |  Financial Times, Life & Arts

Another write-up about our neighbourhood (although mainly focused on the more established Queens Park area), this time from the FT. NW6 is not our post code. We’re in the less desirable (although faster improving) area of NW10. I remember when we moved to Kensal Rise it felt like a big step down from the posh Primrose Hill we’d been renting in  — it was a big step down — but I love the diversity of an up-and-coming area combined with the sense of momentum which translates to a noticeably improving environment for eating and shopping (although less so). Keep the good words coming folks, we love to hear about our neighbourhood.                                                                                                      

Cold. Will add snow.

 The weather has been unseasonably cold in Europe since the end of Jan. The UK has been no exception although probably not nearly as bad as other continental locations. While I suspect no one is a fan of cold weather, one of the side effects is the possibility of snow which tends to get a warmer reception. With that intro, I’m pleased to announce we have some of the white stuff. Not only do we have it but it’s actually stuck around for several days; typically it melts almost as quickly as it falls.


Pre-Xmas Snow in London


Well it appears all my whinging about it being cold but without any snow has caught up with me. The light dustings of the past two days have turned into a proper winter storm this morning. Very cool … it definitely helps to get in the xmas spirit.

IMG_6601IMG_6602IMG_0252IMG_0251IMG_0254 IMG_0253     imageIMG_6624View from Nnenna's flatIMG_6610IMG_6611

Kensal Rising


I was shocked to hear that Vogue magazine said our little neighbourhood of Kensal Rise was “one of the coolest spots in Europe” (or something like that). Really? I mean we like it but that’s a little higher praise that I would expect. Now the NY Times Travel Blog has an article too:




Just found another article, even more ridiculous. I mean, I do agree the place has a good community feel to it and that it’s heading in the right direction but the name dropping and the  price range seems a bit out of whack not to mention the seeming ease with which they’re willing to include Queens Park as a part of Kensal Rise (Queens Park being the neighbouring neighbourhood which is about 10 years ahead of us in gentrification).