Funny Foreign Marketing

Whenever travelling to foreign lands its interesting to see the variety of products and language used in marketing. In Malaysia – where Kabuki and I just returned from – there were three categories that i noticed:

  1. Flowery language with no real meaning. Unfortunately I didn’t capture this on film but there were a tremendous number of examples of people falling in love with a set of words strung together but that actually means absolutely nothing. This probably happens in all markets to some degree but the extent and volume of silliness was quite noticeably higher in Malaysia; even in high-end stores and hotels.
  2. Ambiguous Analogies/Associations. Describing products in ways that are incongruous with the product … I mean, is any facial scrub really “fascinating"? 
  3. Wacky/Weird Products. Sheep Placenta? Really? Needless to say I didn’t buy any and I don’t think I’ll be able to reverse this decision when back in London due to a general lack of interest in sheep placenta in the western market.


Classic Stoner Scenes


A great collection of clips from some classic stoner movies. I love the first one from Cheech and Chong. I can still remember when I first saw this in the theater. Click on the image above to be transported into comedy heaven.

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