Melody Visiting

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Melody was in Germany for work but stopped by for a visit before heading back to sunny California. Melody, great seeing you and glad that we squeezed out a few hours of good weather into what was otherwise an all too typical “London summer.” 

Christmas 2011

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We’re back in London for the new year, the jetlag is (mildly) fading and I figured it was about time to post the Christmas pictures from Connecticut. As is always the case, certain moments were experienced without camera in hand and as an unfortunate consequence some people whom I really enjoyed seeing didn’t make it into the album (Dylan, Anduin, John, David, and Sarah immediately come to mind). Oh well, what can you do?

All the pictures (and more) are available in their full resolution, downloadable versions on my SmugMug site:
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Easter Weekend in Bath

Kabuki, Biscuit, and I went to Bath over the Easter weekend to visit Sophie and Tom. Between hanging out in town, taking a long walk on Saturday, or meeting up with Charles and Karina for lunch on Sunday, it was a great break from the hustle and bustle of London.

MaxiCider in the KegWide Open SpaceIMG_6995Ancient Burial GroundFace-offBiscuit and MaxIMG_6988The Colour DivideIMG_7049IMG_7001Orange ciderSophie and KabukiSophie, Kabuki, and CharlesKabukiKenTaken at Tucker Grave pub in Bath