It was great seeing Melody this weekend and we had some great meals over the three days but unfortunately somewhere between the Friday night’s dinner at Dissenting Academy and Saturday night’s dinner at Nathan Outlaw we were introduced to a major league ass kicking from the “food poisoning” department. We’ve been relegated to the couch and bed all day. I finally ate something at 7:30pm and I think it’s going to stick but man-o-man did that hurt.

Nutritional Lies

Just read a nice summary of some of the top topics that the general population get wrong about nutrition with surprising regularity. Read up and make sure you’re not playing the health game wrong:

Nutition List That Made the World Fat and Sick

The New Diet


Kabuki and I are embarking on a new diet as of today. What’s the diet, you ask? Well in January we will be avoiding:

  • gluten
  • sugar
  • hi GI foods

This diet was inspired by the book Grain Brain and our aim is to understand our gluten responsiveness while starting to live a more heart and brain smart diet.

Big Food Days

Lunch at the Ledbury

We had a BIG food day yesterday. How big? Well I gained 4lbs between Friday and Saturday morning. But focusing on a more positive angle, we ate big but more importantly, we ate well. Lunch was at the Ledbury, a michelin two star restaurant that is considered by many to be London’s best restaurant. Kabuki and I are huge fans of the food here and have been coming for years. It is truly “inspirational” food; several steps above “excellent”. There’s no reprieve for the wicked so for dinner we were out again for some fine dining. We went to Medlar, a highly reviewed french restaurant in Chelsea, where we met up with Diege and Charlie as well.  

Deige and Charlie

Medlar was really good too and for a restaurant in Chelsea with good reviews to be reasonably priced is a shocker. Finally, i’ll leave with you a few photos of my meal at the Ledbury: 





Egg Nog in the UK


Who doesn’t love a little Egg Nog around Christmas time? It gets one into the Christmas cheer, it makes one slow down and relax, and – to be fair – helps explain why Santa Claus got so fat. Well apparently Santa doesn’t buy his Egg Nog in the UK. Ya can’t find the stuff except for a brief reminder at Starbucks where they have a revolting coffee and Egg Nog combo. For fucks sake what’s wrong with this country?  Well I guess I’m going to head off to the store to buy some brandy and rum so we can make our own (no recipes for the non-alcoholic type you can buy in any US supermarket … not to mention i could use a stiff drink right now).

No Egg Nog?!? It just doesn’t make sense.

5th of July BBQ

080705_0006-8 080705_0006-13

080705_0006 080705_0006-10

Happy independence day America! Living in the old mother country they didn’t give us the day off on the 4th but we got people together on the 5th and had a BBQ to celebrate.