I’m addicted to FitBit

I am noticing that my behaviour is definitely effected by wanting to achieve “more steps” and “beat my friends” when using the FitBit accelerometer. The idea of going out for exercise and forgetting to bring my FitBit makes me cringe. It’s almost as if my body receives no benefit unless I get validation from the FitBit. Good or bad. Obsessive or healthy competition I’m definitely getting stronger and fitter.

Getting My New Years Shit Together

I try a lot of different software for running because I like to see what’s out there but the downside is that the data is a bit scattered around. Today I decided to move it all into RunKeeper and to my surprise (not shocking surprise) I had a big drop-off in running miles in January (the right most month) rather than the nice trend line I was building into in 2011. Now that is partially due to throwing my back out for a week but it must also be said that my rigour of 2011 is not quite as strong, I don’t feel quite the same purpose, I probably feel a little too content with my weight loss already achieved.

Ken Snyder s RunKeeper FitnessReports | RunKeeper

Well this is just a post to say … no more. Watch out February. Admittedly the first week has only one run in it (8.5miles) and there are only 28 days in it (where’s leap day when you need it). Still, no excuses, I’m going to blow it out from here onward.

Weight and Body Fat at Odds?

Was noticing that my weight over the past month has been slowly decreasing but at the same time my (reported) body fat has increased. What up? During this period I would say I have been spending more time at the gym with weights so if anything I’d expect more lean mass; I have a hard time believing I’m loosing lean mass. Anyway, I have no answer to this so open to any suggestions. It may just be that body fat measurements aren’t that great in the short term but a month is longer than just “short term”.

FitBit, part two

My new FitBit has arrived today and not only does it appear to work but they sent me the updated version that has a sensor for altitude and is meant to measure stairs/steps. Not sure if this new sensor will be helpful for me but I’m happy to try it out.

Istanbul Run

Kabuki and I are in Istanbul today to run the Istanbul Marathon. Now let me set expectations immediately … the race is called the Istanbul Marathon but there are 15k and 8k races and a walk as part of the event. We did not run the full marathon, opting instead for the 15k race. For me that was still a great accomplishment as I haven’t run any sort of organized race for years. Kabuki’s the runner in the family having run several half-marathons recently but for both of us it was an opportunity to get out of London and experience Europe’s gateway to Asia.

We both finished in reasonable times.I finished with an average pace of 8:33 min/mi which placed me 794th out of 2275 male runners. Kabuki finished 131st out of 807 women! Awesome.

Since completing the race we’ve just been chilling back at the hotel, eating a little, sleeping, reading. We have another 5 days to see the city but with the run and weather (it’s rainy and colder than London at the moment) we decided to start the exploring tomorrow.

I Would Walk 20 Miles for You


Well I think the song claims I’d walk 500 miles for you but that’s just silly. At least I’m putting my feet on the pavement for you and I got 20 miles out of it today along with my beautiful wife Kabuki and our lovely friend Tasha. For the detail oriented among you you might quibble that we didn’t actually walk for you but rather a charity (the NSPCC). Technically you’re right but I’m sure you either supported us monetarily through our Just Giving site or simply forgot to write that check because you were so busy with your own charitable work. Right? Well maybe you just supported us emotionally but felt parting with money for abused children wasn’t justified. Maybe you just don’t like children. That’s fair, you don’t have to. Regardless, it doesn’t matter … we walked for all of you even if you too cheap or heartless to contribute. Sarcastic smile

Damn we have such big hearts (and swollen feet). Feel free to congratulate us or donate (post facto) using the link below the pictures.

Kabuki, myself, and Tasha at around mile 4?Kabuki and Ken ... past the finish LineTasha and Ken ... feeling good but it's still earlyNSPCC Charity PosterThe London EyeHyde ParkAlong the canalsAlong the canals