Uncle David


My Uncle David — David Livingston — was one of the most incredible people I have every known and his recent passing has left me feeling a strange combination of loss, regret (that I didn’t have more time with him), and happiness through the realisation of how many people were touched by him and in the belief that his memory will live on.

We’ll miss you David, you’re spirit was a benefit to all those who knew you.


p.s. there is now a memorial site for David, setup by friends in Vancouver:


Throwing Around Names

Hey I’m not one to throw around names but I just gotta say … I’m related to Robinhood and you’re not! I can back it up too … read it and weep attention seekers:

Voila Capture30

And as I’m sure you’re aware the great Robinhood — defender of the poor — was none other than Fulke Fitzwarin. Of course I just call him grand-dad but don’t sweat it if you’re family tree kinda sucks next to mine … someone probably still loves you (or at least is willing to say they do when you ask).

BTW, if you haven’t already, do yourself a favour and check out Ancestory.com’s Family Tree Software (or just use the website software). It is very good software and the best part is the ease at which you can statistically match our family to other people’s research or public records. Geneology research from the comfort of your own living room. Doesn’t get any better than that.

Christmas 2011

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We’re back in London for the new year, the jetlag is (mildly) fading and I figured it was about time to post the Christmas pictures from Connecticut. As is always the case, certain moments were experienced without camera in hand and as an unfortunate consequence some people whom I really enjoyed seeing didn’t make it into the album (Dylan, Anduin, John, David, and Sarah immediately come to mind). Oh well, what can you do?

All the pictures (and more) are available in their full resolution, downloadable versions on my SmugMug site: http://kensnyder.smugmug.com/.
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Easter Weekend in Bath

Kabuki, Biscuit, and I went to Bath over the Easter weekend to visit Sophie and Tom. Between hanging out in town, taking a long walk on Saturday, or meeting up with Charles and Karina for lunch on Sunday, it was a great break from the hustle and bustle of London.

MaxiCider in the KegWide Open SpaceIMG_6995Ancient Burial GroundFace-offBiscuit and MaxIMG_6988The Colour DivideIMG_7049IMG_7001Orange ciderSophie and KabukiSophie, Kabuki, and CharlesKabukiKenTaken at Tucker Grave pub in Bath

Black and White

Kabuki’s sister Sophie had a project in Uni that required her to compile pictures of her family and convert to black and white. I helped out a little in the Photoshop department and it reminded me of how cool black and white can be as a portrait medium. I still don’t know that much about the nuances but here are a few shots that I converted this week:


Portrait KenPortrait of Kabuki

Sophie PortraitPortrait of Tom


They weren’t bad shots in colour (see below) but they seem much moodier, more timeless, and just generally better in B&W.


IMG_6944-EditPortrait of Kabuki

IMG_6930Portrait of Tom

King Ken

I’m back at my genealogy tracing again. Damn its fun with the right software and I do have the right software. I’m using Family Tree Maker 2010 which does statistical lookups on other public records to help you build the tree. I’m all the way back to the 8th century in some parts of my family! Awesome. Anyway, here’s just a few of my famous relatives (the famous ones are the easiest to track as there is exponentially more information):

Bernard Carolingian - King of Italy (797AD - 818AD) Pepin Carolingian (714AD - 768AD)robin hood and maid marian (aka, Fulk FitzWarin and Maud le Vavasour)

I think I’m going to have to start talking the third person again! :^)