Loving WordPress again?

I started blogging on Blogger. I liked it.

Then I found WordPress. Wow, I was impressed.

Then over time I started to feel that WordPress was just too bloated to love. In fact I felt it was ugly, cumbersome, “yesterday’s news”. 

I started dabbling with Ghost. I love how unencombered Ghost is. How lightening fast it is. But it’s raw. Probabaly too raw for most people right now. I guess considering it hasn’t even graduated to a 1.0 release this makes sense.

Then I installed the Blogo app on my WordPress blog and I got excited. I can again add blog posts with ease. Yes my blog is still sluggish but at least with fast composition I can start generating content again.

If you’re on OSX and blogging on WordPress you really owe it to yourself to check out Blogo. It’s very nicely done, fingers crossed it gets my lazy ass back to posting regularly.

Death of the Personal Blog?

Don’t worry I haven’t given up on my blog but I must say my friends seem to have. Sure Facebook (and I guess Google+) are social hang-outs these days but isn’t there some room for your own personal expression? My blog gets less entries but I still find some time for it. Maybe I’m just slow on realising I’m being quaint or antiquated but for now I’m taking the stance that I’m holding up important values that others have lost. If anyone asks that’s my story. What’s your’s Mr/Mrs. Blog Killer?

Subscribe by email

I’ve had  a lot of problems with the WordPress plugin for email subscriptions so I’ve moved to an alternative way of providing this functionality. If you’d previously subscribed please subscribe once more … apologies for this but there was no way for me to migrate people over.

You can subscribe by adding your email and pressing subscribe in the sidebar.

Welcome to the new blog

After 10+ years of blogging it’s time to move to a new blogging platform which is what i’ve done. You are now on the same old “Where in the World is Ken?” blog but it’s now fully integrated into my ken.net domain and using WordPress as it’s backend. I welcome any feedback you might have on the blog or broader ken.net content.