Biscuit the Bee Killer


The life of a bee killer is never easy. Biscuit wakes up early every morning and sniffs out his nemesis. He tells himself that all he really wants to do is play but secretly he wants to show these annoying, arrogant, little furry creatures who’s boss in a way that they’ll not forget. Well today the bee killer (aka, Biscuit) got a chance to make his point heard. The bee’s were ready. Bees 1, Biscuit 0.

Suffolk Photos

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080816_0016-134 080816_0016-126

Kabuki, Biscuit, and I went to Suffolk this weekend (Friday and Saturday). It was our first trip to Suffolk and Biscuit’s first to the beach. Mother nature was kind and all had a good time. For more pictures from the trip (including the obligatory two dozen pictures of Biscuit) take a look at my Smug Mug site:

Summer in Suffolk

Kabuki’s 10k


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Kabuki ran a BUPA sponsored 10k race in Hyde park today. Biscuit and I came along for support. In a surprise to all weather forecasters in London the weather came along to support as well.