Pashley Bikes

Pashley Bikes

Ever since I got a bike I’ve been itching to get Kabuki one as well. I had a couple of cool “hybrid” bikes in mind but upon doing the much needed “user research” (aka, talking to my wife about what she wants) I found she was much more into “retro” than “hybrid” and specifically she wanted a Pashley Sovereign.

The Sovereign is a classic English country bike and Pashley has had a huge resurgence in the past few years; nowhere more noticeable than in London. Oh and in case you are wondering, the basket does come with the bike.  You probably also get tea and biscuits while you fill out the paperwork (just a hunch).

Trent Park Bike Trip

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The day after my 40th birthday party (and the day before my actual birthday) I went for a 42 mile bike trip to Trent Park with Scott and Rebecca. I spent most of the day getting over a hangover and focusing on the road rather than taking pictures but I did manage to sneak a few pictures in along the way (including a crazy green bog hidden in a corner of Trent park).

42 mile bike ride


Just got back from a 42 mile bike ride and my ass is feeling all 42 miles. Tomorrow’s gonna hurt but right now its Michelob time.

Here’s the general route – bike route – but of course our route was planned by my friend Scott who’s been biking London for 30 years, so we took lots of cool little foot paths and weaved our way from one green area to the next. It’s amazing how green London is when you know how to navigate it.