Quantified Self

I have always tried to optimise my health and well-being but in the past five years I have found a community of like minded people in London: the Quantified Self, London meetup.

I am now one of the co-organisers of the meetup and I am consistently inspired to hear the self-led adventures of others.

The London QS meetup modulates between 50-100 people, who meet about once a month. Each session has 3-4 speakers who talk about their own personal experiences with self-optimisation, recovery from pain, or just geeking out with personal data.

Personally, I’m interested in staying fit and optimising my mental energy in a sustainable way. I measure my weight, body fat, glucose, sleep, exercise, and actigraphy regularly. I also have experimented with Magnesium supplementation, cold thermogenesis, electrical stim training/recovery (body not brain), and am always looking for a new optimisation to self-experiment with.

If you’re interested in talking or attending a session please join the community on the Meetup page:

If you’re just curious or you just can’t wait for the next meetup to start, we have many of the talks over the past few years on video on the Vimeo site:

I am a regular speaker at both the QS meetups and at Healthcare and Wellness events. I recently was the keynote speaker at the UK’s ORN research seminar and was featured earlier this year in an article in the Telegraph newspaper.

If you’d be interested in having me speak at an upcoming event please drop me a line at [email protected].

What are you waiting for … it’s time to self-optimise!