Having lived in the UK for almost 9 years now you’d think I’d be a football hooligan by now (aka, soccer for you North American readers). Not yet. I’d like to get more involved in football and for that matter other more “geo appropriate” sports like cricket and rugby but I haven’t found the time to get involved in the way I have with North American sports. The last sentence will act as my bridge into my startling admission … I’m an addict. An addict to American sports. Wrong fucking timezone, bad coverage (although the Internet helps), and lack of any social benefits to knowing the score of last nights game have not deterred me. It’s true I’m more a fan of my teams than the sports they play but I’m a fan none-the-less.

So in one compact statement let me say: go Huskies, Steelers, Red Sox, Celtics, and — what the hell — Canadians (as my Whalers deserted me many years ago)!