Brief History

Ever since my father’s first SLR camera showed up at the house in the early 1980’s I have been interested in taking photographs. Interested but not particularly good at it. To be fair I also got all of my quite limited practice on shite 110 cameras.

When I “grew up” I bought myself an SLR of my own (Minolta Maxxum 5d). It was great. It was fast, shiny, drew the gaze of others and took a great picture when so instructed. It also collected dust surprisingly well. Why? I don’t know. A combination of being busy, being lazy, and not being a film guy?

Going Digital

When the digital revolution hit in 2001 I jumped in with the Kodak DC290. The digital edge was what I needed to spark my motivation. I suddenly was actively interested in picture taking and picture processing. The next big step was upgrading to a digital SLR. My first DSLR was the once king-of-the hill Canon D30. It was only 3.25 megapixels but man it could take good pictures. I bought my new kit and then promptly moved to India where photographic opportunity is on every corner (no that’s not why I moved there, it just so happened).

Since then I’ve upgraded to the 10d, the 40d, and now the 5d mark II. Each camera was clearly better equipment; hopefully my skills as a photographer are on the mend too. I’ll let you be the silent judge of that.

Photo Hosting

I have on occasion dabbled with the idea of having photo gallaries directly hosted on but right now I just put them on my photo hosting site SmugMug. Despite their trite name they are a very professional outfit for publishing (and viewing) photos. You can find my photos here:

Photo Gallery