I can’t believe it … our sea shipment of goods finally arrived! Christmas came late this year but at least it came. I’m psyched to see tons of CDs, my tennis racket, books, literally hundreds of balance bars. The only bummer was that the company didn’t bring the packing list and enough time has gone by that I’m not sure we have all the boxes but at least the boxes (9 of them) seem to be intact and are filled with our stuff.

I’m tired so I’m not posting any pictures yet but I read the paper this morning and read an article that cracked me up in the Delhi paper. It was titled: “No jobs for backwards now, Supreme Court tells UP Government”. Apparently the OBC (Other Backward Caste) has decided to create three subgroups for it’s members: backwards, more backwards, and most backwards. Too funny.

Well my relatively relaxing schedule at work just took a quick turn to the right (to the wrong?)! I am now potentially flying to London in between my Hong Kong and Thailand trips to put together a proposal, in addition I’m helping with another proposal from I think Canada, and finally I’m helping out in an official capacity with hiring. Well what’s life without the changes and challenges? Ok, gotta run … I mean pack. If anyone is interested in looking at pictures of our holiday party (theme was the 60’s) that took place last weekend you can find them on Ofoto: click here

There’s a lot to say but I don’t have the time to do it so I’ll advertise instead … I went to the Taj Mahal with Mark Weisheit, I’m going to Hong Kong this weekend with Dave Murphy, I’m going to Thailand (more beaches this time than Bangkok) with a google of people the following weekend. Kate shows up soon afterward to do her India stint and I’m sure we’ll be traveling some more. Anyway, back to the advertising … pictures and details will soon follow. Tell your friends.

The Superbowl will be shown live in India! Ahhhhh. I can feel the energy flowing back into my once lifeless body. Thank you ESPN god. As a result of this minor miracle I will be having a Superbowl party at my pad in India, consider yourself invited. Unlike most of you reading this, however, our party will not be on Sunday night but Monday morning starting at 4am! Ouch. Such is the price of being half a day ahead of the United States.