There’s a lot to say but I don’t have the time to do it so I’ll advertise instead … I went to the Taj Mahal with Mark Weisheit, I’m going to Hong Kong this weekend with Dave Murphy, I’m going to Thailand (more beaches this time than Bangkok) with a google of people the following weekend. Kate shows up soon afterward to do her India stint and I’m sure we’ll be traveling some more. Anyway, back to the advertising … pictures and details will soon follow. Tell your friends.

The Superbowl will be shown live in India! Ahhhhh. I can feel the energy flowing back into my once lifeless body. Thank you ESPN god. As a result of this minor miracle I will be having a Superbowl party at my pad in India, consider yourself invited. Unlike most of you reading this, however, our party will not be on Sunday night but Monday morning starting at 4am! Ouch. Such is the price of being half a day ahead of the United States.

The most recent episode in the soap opera that revolves around my domestic help … both my previous driver (Deepak) and my current cook (Thomas) are trying to get me to sign up with them for car service instead of using my normal car service company (UTS). Deepak’s brother apparently is willing to loan Deepak some money to buy a car, my cook already has one (a tank of a car that sits somewhere between a station wagon and an SUV) but then my cook doesn’t have anyone to drive me yet. I’ve negotiated my cook from 20,000/mo to 15,000/mo, all the way down to 10,000/mo. I’m still pretty sure that I’m going to just keep my driving service and try to get Deepak to drive for me again but I need to make the call this week.

I was afraid that Deepok was going to quit when I went back to the US (his company was not paying him well). I called him yesterday on his cell phone to see what the story was and he showed up today. Apparently the car company still owes him money and let him go when I went back to the US! Deepok brought flowers over with him and asked that I might get him a job again. I’ll definately try.

Well I’m back in India after a month away. Pretty strange feeling. My “help” hasn’t gotten used to my return yet … Deepok (my driver) wasn’t at the airport (I think the office may have not gotten the message to him) and I wasn’t able to get a hold of Thomas (my cook) either. So in a “transitionary step” I decided to order Indian food from “Waiters on Wheels” … ahh, the best of both worlds.

Two weeks in Connecticut have gone rather quickly. I guess they always do. Anyway, for those reading … Happy New Years! I’m heading back toward Delhi tomorrow morning. I stop in Denver for a day, hop down to LA, then Hong Kong (still don’t know if I am getting to stay for a day or not), and finally Delhi near the end of the week. To add to my whirlwind tour it sounds like there is a distinct possibility that I’ll need to fly again the beginning of the next week out to London. Guess it’s a good thing I can sleep in planes.