Under Construction

The number of residential and commercial building being worked in our neighbourhood is amazing. I guess effect is not just our neighbourhood but all of London and down to the fact that people can’t afford to “buy up” so their “building up” instead with the unstated promise that the value they created will be able to be recaptured at some future point in the post-brexit economy.


Local Artist?

I’m not sure it’s the same artist … but it certainly looks like it is. I like well designed graffitti and this not bad (ignoring the junky addons that other people tried to mix in). Hope the owners down mind. Nothing compared to LA street art but then we’re talking about Kensal Rise here (arguably too residential a neighbourhood for street art).


My Infrastructure just went bust

RethinkDB is Shutting Down

I was very saddened to hear that after 7 years, the database startup Rethinkdb has declared it is shutting it’s doors. It was always an Open Source project so the code will remain open to the public but it casts a lot of doubt on whether this product will continue to remain relevant. Not only am I sad that this innovative company is shuttering its doors but I’m personally quite effected as I’ve been developing my business not only on their database but on their middleware product as well (Horizon).

A Fast Fast

I’m not going to try and set any records this time but I figured I was well overdue for a old-fashioned water fast. So starting today no food; I’ll aim to skip tomorrow too but nothing beyond that this time.

Must admit I’m feeling hungry at the moment and not convinced writing about not eating is really helping. Oh well, have done this too many times before to worry about it. Still this time will likely be a bit harder because I have been hitting the carbs more than normal over the past few months and carbs make you crave food (especially when you’re eating none).

Julian in the 70’s


Julian got another year wiser last night (statistically, arguably his wisdom decreased due to alcohol poisening). So what happened? He travelled back to 1974, went to the discotheque and took on the name of Sly for the evening.

All photos the photos from last night (aka, the 70’s) can be found here: Julian gets a year younger

Looking for some Nooki?

Well winter is just around the corner and most of you would agree it’s harder to get Nooki in the winter. Well not where I live … It’s sold on the high street for christ sakes. Come on down and get your nooki, rain or shine.