My Running Goal

Just had a look at my running tally for the year so far and I appear to be increasing my velocity (even though I’m still really not hitting my long runs). I had determined at the beginning of year that I wanted to have over 500 miles and unless I have an injury it appears this goal will be easily met. 🙂

My new MBP

My new 15” Macbook Pro arrives on Thursday and I’m excited. I spend a lot of hours every day on my MBP and true the 2016 model and 2018 model visually appear nearly identical, the performance characteristics of the 2018 model are a huge jump and that’s what I’m looking for. I am a power user. I have LOTS of things open all the time, I use coding editors with transpilers always running in the background but I also do photo editing too (not as much). I’ve been dying to have 32 gb RAM for  ages and now I will along with 6-cores, DDR4 RAM, and lightning fast SSD’s (apparently off the charts faster than anything else on the market currently).

Doing as my iPhone tells me

Woke up this morning to my iPhone telling me that it had detected a problem with my TruDepth camera and that I should immediately report to the Apple Store. Needless to say I have done as my overlord has suggested and am now at the Apple Store.

In some ways I guess there’s nothing new about this but still self-diagnosis is an area where I suspect computing devices will be getting a lot better over the next 5 years.

I’m back

I have not posted in about 18 months. Why?  The primary reason was that my hosting provider provided me terrible customer service and could never solve a database permissions issues that prevented me from posting. The secondary reason is that I never found the time to leave them. So I guess what I’m saying is … it wasn’t my fault (unless of course it was).

Anyway, I ditched the service provider and am now running WordPress on my own personal cloud. Expect more posts soon.

LA Street Art

Not sure when it started but today the streets of Los Angeles are filled with street art. Street art — not to be confused with graffiti — is full of talented, expressive, art. Not noisy, self proclamations of territory which seems to be more the purview of graffiti.

Love these two artistics expressions which used a garage door as the canvas: