Looks like the areas to live are Vasant Vihar, Defence Colony, or Malcha Marg. They are all south of the city. There is a travel agent that will help us look at places either tomorrow or Friday.

You say Tuesday, we say Wednesday. :^)

Just noticed that the posting time is off by 12.5 hours. This post — and the last — were really posted close to noon on Wednesday, the 11th of July.

Well we made it. Today is our second day in the Delhi office and both Amy and I are doing well. With all the conversations we had about the shock value of India we have been largely unaffected. That is in large part due to our cushy environment. The hotel we are staying at — the Oberoy — is considered to be one of the nicest (if not the nicest) in Delhi, we have a driver that takes us where we need to go in an air conditioned (four wheeled … which is not the norm) car, and the office is a very friendly place where everyone speaks english. The hotel is probably the biggest boon in making us feel at home … the water, the fruits, the food in general are all both safe and westernized. There is definately some local fair but we eat pancakes and omelettes for breakfast after working out in the gym and relaxing the pool and sauna. Life’s tough, eh?

Today we are planning only half the day in the office with the second half of the day focused on looking at different areas of the city. This will help us to understand where we would like to live during the year. After talking to both Soumya (DoT) and Subbu (Arch) yesterday I think we are both starting to feel a little more comfortable with the lodging details. Not that we have a lot of the details yet but the pieces coming in suggest there are nice accomidations available.

Holy shit! I can’t believe we’re actually going. But we are and it’s less than 12 hours before we jump on a plane heading west. Our flight goes to LA, then Hong Kong, and finally Delhi. We won’t know if we’re able to upgrade to Business class until tomorrow morning. I’m usually fine with the cheap seats but for 20 hours? Got my fingers crossed.

Oof. Only 2.5 days until we head to India, and we’ve had some great luck. We got upgraded to Premier Executive status on United’s frequent flyer program, and a friend of ours from work has some international upgrade coupons, so we may be flying business class. We’re hoping to upgrade the LA->Hong Kong leg if nothing else.

Looks like we have a hotel for our first visit, and by the time we’re ready to move (near the end of the month), Sapient will have moved into new office space. That should be really nice because then we can find an apartment near the office. This is becoming very real now that there are only a couple of days left to finish off last minute work and errands.

Quite a few Sapient people seem to be heading to India right now; I think that’ll be good for us, considering that the office will be growing so quickly. I think it’s going to be quite a challenge to instill the Sapient culture in a group that’s growing so quickly.

Ken mentioned how easy it is to get Visas; well, we’re about to find out how easy or hard it is to get work permits. We each had to update/create resumes for the process, and we have to provide quite a bit of other information. I just hope that we can get them taken care of before we’re supposed to move (i.e., by the end of July).

More soon; fingers crossed on the flight upgrades. 🙂