I’m back

I have not posted in about 18 months. Why?  The primary reason was that my hosting provider provided me terrible customer service and could never solve a database permissions issues that prevented me from posting. The secondary reason is that I never found the time to leave them. So I guess what I’m saying is … it wasn’t my fault (unless of course it was).

Anyway, I ditched the service provider and am now running WordPress on my own personal cloud. Expect more posts soon.

LA Street Art

Not sure when it started but today the streets of Los Angeles are filled with street art. Street art — not to be confused with graffiti — is full of talented, expressive, art. Not noisy, self proclamations of territory which seems to be more the purview of graffiti.

Love these two artistics expressions which used a garage door as the canvas:



Moving to LA

I’ve lived outside the US for 15 years now of which 12 of those years has been in London. I love London but being in any one location for too long can make you stagnate. So with that brief introduction I’d like to announce that Kabuki and I are moving to LA next year. Admittedly it’s only for 2-3 years (and then we’re back in lovely London) but we’re both excited to have a California adventure together.

Next week we’ll be looking for flats in LA with the aim to move in in January. We’re aiming to have two bedrooms so please plan on coming for a visit. Also if you want to stay at a great AirBNB in London I just might know of one that’s available. 🙂

Andy Murray legitimizes his place at #1

ATP Finals 2016Had the priveledge of hanging out at the ATP Finals last night with my good friend Joe to watch Andy Murray put out a truly convincing demonstration that he’s #1 in the world. Great game, would have loved a 3rd set but happy to have seen 2 great ones with the “right outcome”.

All my photos (in full resolution) can be found here: ATP Finals




Where’s my MacBook?

I have the coverter dongles. I have the case. Now where is my damn laptop!?!

Ok, I know I’m not yet allowed to complain as the window has even begun yet but I did order within an hour or two of it being available. And I do resemble a kid waiting for Christmas. Christmas with a touchbar, mind you.

The speculative good news is the “not eligilble to cancel or return” text is new as of today. 🙂