2001 … In the Beginning

My ex-fiancee Amy used to live with Evan Williams (the creator of Blogger and now Twitter) and had asked me in the early days to do a technical review of the pre-Blogger site. I never got around to doing it unfortunately but I’d had it in my mind that it would be interesting to try a blog out for some time. In July of 2001 I agreed to take a 1 year assignment in India and I finally got off my proverbial ass and signed up with blogger. Armed with my blog and a new digital SLR (the Canon D30 was the best thing since sliced bread at the time), I was ready to take on the world. Well at least write about it.

2003 … Naming Snafu’s

Amy and I parted ways which made the name of my blog — KenAndAmy — seemingly less appropriate so I switched to the name I still use today: Where in the World is Ken? I find posting on the blog a cathartic experience, an indirect way of communicating what I’m up to to people who care, and recently have realized it serves as a great tool for me to figure out what I was doing at various points in the past. Who knew. Anyway, feel free to peek in if you like, can’t promise you’ll find it terribly interesting but if you do, drop me a line and let me know.

2011 … Technology Upgrade

As I’ve started focusing more on technology again due to my startup activities I’ve been using WordPress actively and I must say I’m pretty impressed. The extensibility and user community support is awesome and got me thinking it might make sense to migrate from Blogger to WordPress. This is the new site using WordPress and with it I’m able to model all of the KEN.NET site rather than just the blog

2018 …┬áRuminations of Change

WordPress has been fun but it’s got a lot of baggage. These days I’m really liking Vuepress for static site generation of technical work. It’s ability to handle full-on blogging is not quite there yet so I’m waiting but I’d love to move over to that as soon as it’s ready. In the in-between though I’ve ditched my crappy hosting provider and am hosting the WordPress instance in my house as part of my “personal cloud” (read: antsle device) and then caching it on Cloudflare’s CDN. Lightning fast and no monthly cost.