Looking for some Nooki?

Well winter is just around the corner and most of you would agree it’s harder to get Nooki in the winter. Well not where I live … It’s sold on the high street for christ sakes. Come on down and get your nooki, rain or shine.


Cameras versus Phone Cameras

Phone cameras have come a long way and most people you’d ask on the street will tell you they’re better than the traditional “compact cameras” of the past. I’d probably agree with this but how do they compare with the high-quality mirorless cameras?

Well I set out this morning to test something entirely different — using RAW files in Lightroom Mobile on my phones — but that experiment failed as I couldn’t figure out how to get it to get at the RAW DNG files versus the typical JPG’s you’d expect from a phone camera. Not to let my failure get me down … I tried a different experiment: the iPhone 6s+ versus the OnePlus 3 Android, versus the FujiFilm x-pro2.

FujiFilm X-pro2
Android OnePlus 3
iPhone 6s+

Not the most scientific test I’ll grant you but man did the Fuji kick the camera’s butts. Man and boys. Now I’ll likely need to do this again once I figure how to get the phone camera’s raw out as that would be a fairer competition.


Hanging out at Gracelands

Great to be able to wake up rested, talk a bit over tea and then head out to a great little neighborhood cafe on a sunny Sunday morning for breakfast. Deige great seeing you as always; sorry about your poker loss from the night before but you were great company today regardless. 🙂


High-resolutions individual photos can be found here: Gracelands for Breakfast.

A Walk in the Park

Another nice day in London. Took these on my way to the Gym today walking through Queens Park.




Police Presence

I’m not saying I feel unsafe but somehow it just feels like there’s less police presence than there used to be. 🤓

taken along a walk today through Willesden … and no the police department pictured is NOT in use.


1.4 times more Telephoto

I got the 1.4x lens extender today for my 50-140mm f/2.8 zoom. Didn’t have a lot of free time today but I made an excuse to run out with Biscuit and get an ice-cream at my “local”.

Some random pictures

The photos at above-right are just me getting up close and  personal with wood on the decking of the restaurant I was sitting at. I noticed the Indian woman walking home; she was a 3/4 of a street away when I took this.

Below you’ll see shots from the same location but with varying degrees of zoom. The 35mm is a prime lens in my kit, the 50 and 140 are the two extemes of the zoom, and th 194 is the zoom with the 1.4x extender.

Stepping threw the zoom range