RAID Recovery

My Promise Pegasus RAID array demonstrated its worthiness this past week. After a lot of weird shutdown and non-graceful disk dismounts it became clear that one of my physical drives had become damaged. In a normal situation this may well have resulted in data loss but with a RAID it was simply a matter of pulling out the misbehaving drive. This immediately removed the inconsistent behaviour and without any data loss, I was able to continue on with work with no interruption. I ordered an extra drive and put then in a few days later and am now back to running in a redundant mode. As a final step I ran the same performance tests I ran last week and it appears there may now be a small improvement in disk read/write performance too now that the errors on the faulty disk have been removed:

Performance after new disk

Bad Device Today

Today I’m officially a year older (wiser?) and I’m feeling pretty good but the devices I count on to be productive have collectively risen up in protest today:

  • My iPhone suddenly doesn’t connect to cellular networks
  • My iMac’s RAID array consistently ejects leaving me without access to work, pictures, etc.
  • My GPS watch (Garmin 620 Forerunner) has stopped telling me how far i ran (well it still tells me but it lies)

What is going on? Bad juju. I’d like to call in a birthday favor to the electronic gods out there.

p.s. ironies of all ironies, I had to post this message three times. Why? Because my blog was down. The uprising continues.

Disk Performance

A bit of a random post but I ran a test on the performance of my RAID array versus my SSD and was surprised how much faster the RAID array was. I haven’t done enough digging into this yet to see if this would be expected:

Here’s the metrics I got from Blackmagicdesign on my iMac’s SSD:

iMac 2011 SSD disk performance

And here’s my RAID Array (a Promise Pegasus R4 via Thunderbolt 1.0):

RAID Performance

Promise Pegasus R4 RAID performance

As a final test I looked at the SSD performance of my Macbook Pro which also has an SSD (a newer one than my home computer). This is interesting … it is much faster than my home computer’s SSD. I guess maybe that’s just a reflection of the rapid increases in performance that were being realised in the 2010-2012 timeframe? Still a bit surprised.

MBP Performance (SSD)

MBP SSD drive performance


What I’ve been Reading

Grain Brain

In late December I read Grain Brain and really enjoyed it. It sometimes is criticised for being too positive about the what has been “proven” with clinical research but the underlying ideas are presented fairly and convincingly. The main ideas are:

  • Glucose levels need to be controlled by reducing carbohydrates
  • Gluten sensitivity is real and a lot of people are effected by it that don’t know about it
  • Inflammation is at the heart not only cardiovascular and cancer risk but also brain health

Overall I’d recommend reading this. Both Kabuki and I used it as the basis for a diet experiment this year which has been dramatic to say the least in terms of it’s positive impact to both of us (although our individual experiences have varied).

The Big Fat Surprise


I’ve recently read Nina Teicholz’s The Big Fat Surprise … a great way to better understand how the world (with the USA leading it) was misled by the cult of personality with regard to healthy eating and now this gigantic science experiment was kept in place by science, industry and government. If you’re pretty well read on the whole LCHF movement than a lot of this information will already be known in shorthand but Nina’s book is very well organised and goes into greater depth than I’d seen before. Definitely a recommended read and in particular for anyone still doubting that the past 3 decades of conventional wisdom around the heart-health hypothesis could be so wrong.

On the “on-deck circle” are:

The Rise of Superman


About getting into a state of “flow” which is a topic I’d like to have more of a view on.

Beyond Training


Have been enjoying Ben Greenfield’s podcast recently and his aggressive approach to training seems worth getting to know better. Can’t read his chapter on using electric stimulation, pressure, and ice to induce fast recovery. Sounds cool. :) moves … nothing happens


Good news … I’ve moved off of Network Solutions and onto a much better hosting provider. Better news … you don’t have to do anything different.

The sugar on top? The site is now going to be much faster both because of the new hosting provider but also … hopefully I won’t lose you here … I’m now using a reverse-CDN cache in front of the site.

For those of you who share the language of technology let me just say I was unaware just how easy it is to use CloudFlare and the performance differences are amazing! I was going to use Amazon’s Cloudfront instead but in terms of ease of setup nothing compares to CloudFlare. I will look into using Cloudfront soon though for another few sites which I’m considering moving off of WordPress onto the Ghost platform. More on that when I get there.

Poo Park

There is a park near us informally called “poo-park”. It gets it’s name from the functional school of naming … not I’ve ever had a poo there but people used the park for a quick run about and then a bit of a bathroom break. Convenience over form. Well I can say it’s been getting far nicer for a while now and today I actually felt guilty calling it poo park. There are paved paths, trees lining the major walkways, the grass is nicely manicured and the surrounding terrain while rugged feels “well done” somehow.

Nostalgia effects all of us but at least here I can say with confidence I’ll never look back in envy of good ’ol poo days.