EOS 86 Reunion

I had a ball at this Saturday’s EOS ’86 reunion. Probably everyone thinks their class is special and if so, add me to the list. Lots of smart people and great conversations. Thanks to everyone who could make it to contributing such a nice reunion.

As many of you heard me complain about that night, my new camera does not have a built-in flash so there are less pictures than I’d ideally like to have taken but still managed to get some good ones.

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If you’re interested in the full resolution photos I took — during my week in Storrs, not just the reunion — they can be found here:

Full resolution photos

Relaxing in Pomfret

Had a chance to hang out with Melissa and Chris in their lovely house in Pomfret. The house and grounds are really stunning these days due to all the hard labour they’ve both put into it.

Reunion Warmup at Margaritas

John, Denise, Pete and I got together for tacos last night. Great fun. We also went to Ted’s afterward where several students wanted to know “what the old people were doing”. 🙂

Sadly, the pictures were somewhat diminished by my inability to turn on the flash on my new camera (a “todo” for me today). Of course the awesomeness of the individuals made up for my camera snafus.

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Mansfield Hollow Dam

Took me and my new camera to Mansfield Hollow Dam this morning. A few changes but largely similar to how I remember it. Nice days and the dam seem to go well together and I was shocked by how quiet it all was … guess just too much city living for me these days, not use to the sound of silence.

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I’m a few hours into owning the Fujifilm X Pro-2 and first impressions are very positive. Not that this is a terribly interesting photo but the bokeh is very impressive.

Touchy about my Laptop

I’m working from the road this week and my computing environment consists of a Macbook Pro sitting next to my iPad Pro. It’s a great combo. In fact I almost can’t operate these days without two screens and the iPad comfortably serves as the “reference window” where the laptop the “action window”.

What do I keep doing though? I keep trying to scroll my laptop’s window with my finger. Or click on dialog boxes. What no touch response? Oh yeah i’m on a laptop. Urrgh. I hope the new MacBook’s offer touch screens although I’ve heard no rumours to suggest they will.