The Impacts of an Unconstrained Diet

I generally eat pretty well (aka, in the healthy sense). I control my sugar and carbohydrate intake though I allow some variation and exceptions from time to time. What happens when I let it “all hang loose” though? Bad juju. I ate more sugar the past 3 days than I have in absolutely ages and getting on the scale today I’m shocked to find that 3 days of “eating unconstrained” has added 10 pounds to my body! Wowsa. Now let’s see if we can reverse the process. Not a fan of yo-yo dieting but not content to have that extra 10 pounds hang around like an unwanted guest. In fact I think I need to go further than 10 pounds because Kabuki and I are eating at the Ledbury (one of the top if not the top London restaurant) next week and I will be in “exception mode” again for that. Urrgh.

Music≠ Ring Tones

Musicians who put sounds that sound like ring tones in their music should be lined up and shot. I mean really. Ring tunes in your music. You sick, cruel bastards! Gotta run, phone’s ringing.

Today’s Random Track

I’m enjoying this Ska track from Mad Caddies, thought maybe you would too …

Hopped up on Cough Medicine

I’ve had this little small annoying problem with my throat recently where swallowing pills is harder than it really should be. I figured it was probably just a cold so I let it go for 5-6 weeks but then I decided “hmmm, maybe I should see someone”.

Well I took the first step and setup a meeting and immediately was hit by a whopper of a cold. Bloody jesus I wouldn’t wish this on my own enemies. Sore throat, ear ache, hot and cold spells, soreness and tiredness throughout my body.

The only silver lining is cough drops and syrup are my friends. And I’ve been hanging out with my friends … well … a lot.

I Can’t Multitask

I guess I’ve know it for a long time. Doesn’t stop me from trying. Doesn’t stop me from thinking “maybe I can now?” But the truth be told I can’t multitask and I will never be able to.

What a shame. I mean I guess I’m not alone. In fact I also sometimes wonder if anyone can multi-task. Really. I don’t just mean they’re able to utter the words “yeah sure, i can multi-task” with that annoyingly smug expression all over their face. I mean actually be able to do TWO things concurrently.

Well I guess my wife gives makes me believe that, indeed, some lucky bastards (or amazing and always lovely people like my wife), can multi-task at some nominal level. Well congratuations you pompous, arrogant bastards. Maybe you can listen to the podcasts I never have time to listen to and summarize them for me? I mean with all those extra cycles freed up surely you must be looking for charitable channels for you give to? I’ve got some more ideas if you’re receptive.

Well until my next delusional fantasy interrupts, I’ll stop writing this blog post so I can so something else in serial.