I played tennis both days this weekend but playing often does not mean playing well. I can hold up the excuse that the courts have now been resurfaced with a clay-like playing surface which is quite different to what I’m used to. That’s a pretty good excuse for now. In fact I feel remarkably better having come up with it.

Great. Back to work but hopefully back to the courts again soon too. 


I know I just posted recently about how much I enjoyed the Blogo blogging software but far be it for me to not follow up my praise with further praise. :)

Why the repeat? Well mainly because I was having a small problem between my laptop and desktop getting the list of recent posts loaded correctly. I contacted support in the same manner that I always do with support calls … scepticism. In this case that scepticism was unwarrented. As is often the case with high quality products, they have a high quality support team behind them. What immediately struck me in the interaction that took place was a clear desire to help rather than avoid responsibility. That combined with apt capability the story of course ends with a happy ending … my little problem is now averted and I’m only that much more convinced that Blogo is a great piece of software. 

The Flu

My ass has been kicked by the flu and I’m left with two thoughts

  1. Wow. How much does this suck? 
  2. When was the last time this happened to me?

The second question comes from my observation that I don’t remember flu’s being “all that much”. Sure swine flu was tough but it was so hyped that you expected it to be. I can’t remember, actually, any other flu that I’ve gotten. Is that unusual? Well my google search came back with this stat:

People over 30 will get the flu twice every decade

Ok so I guess this is my second time this decade (the famous swine flu being the first). Maybe that means — statistically speaking — that I’m done for a few more years but I still am debating about my history with flu because besides these last two bouts I am not sure I’ve ever had flu before. That’s probably not the case but considering the inconvenience and general suffereing involved you’d think I would remember. 

I guess this is just one more reminder to myself that having some way to easily chronical events such as this so that late I can look back on my personal history and answer more definitively what my history truely is is valuable. Valuable to me anyway. 

Ok all this typing is hurting. Going to go lie down again.


When you work for yourself the idea of “progress” (or lack thereof sometimes) becomes a driving force for your happiness. Well it does for me anyway. My progress has been ok (no better) recently but I am daunted by how much work is still out there to be done.

Dying to get a product shipped to customers. Need to focus on a date  again as without one I feel I’ll drift. Ok, now back to work. :)

Office 2014?

I installed Office 2014 for Mac a few days ago but haven’t had a chance to play with yet. Not sure when I’ll find the time but interested to hear if anyone else has a point of view.

Loving WordPress again?

I started blogging on Blogger. I liked it.

Then I found WordPress. Wow, I was impressed.

Then over time I started to feel that WordPress was just too bloated to love. In fact I felt it was ugly, cumbersome, “yesterday’s news”. 

I started dabbling with Ghost. I love how unencombered Ghost is. How lightening fast it is. But it’s raw. Probabaly too raw for most people right now. I guess considering it hasn’t even graduated to a 1.0 release this makes sense.

Then I installed the Blogo app on my WordPress blog and I got excited. I can again add blog posts with ease. Yes my blog is still sluggish but at least with fast composition I can start generating content again.

If you’re on OSX and blogging on WordPress you really owe it to yourself to check out Blogo. It’s very nicely done, fingers crossed it gets my lazy ass back to posting regularly.