Poo Park

There is a park near us informally called “poo-park”. It gets it’s name from the functional school of naming … not I’ve ever had a poo there but people used the park for a quick run about and then a bit of a bathroom break. Convenience over form. Well I can say it’s been getting far nicer for a while now and today I actually felt guilty calling it poo park. There are paved paths, trees lining the major walkways, the grass is nicely manicured and the surrounding terrain while rugged feels “well done” somehow.

Nostalgia effects all of us but at least here I can say with confidence I’ll never look back in envy of good ’ol poo days.

March Madness


I must say I’m quite shocked that UConn’s Men and Women’s teams have both made the finals of the NCAA tournament. Why shocked? I don’t know, I like to live dramatically I suppose even if that means being overly dramatic. Still it is a pretty impressive achievement.

Now I must admit, I haven’t really been watching the teams this year due to a combination of time zones (aka, the games are brutually late) and being very busy professionally (aka, I’m a workaholic) but I do always read about them. Tonight I’m going to battle with sleep and superstition and stay up to watch the finals.




I have recently become an expert on tripod threading standards. Sound exciting? I promise you it isn’t. Well anyway, if it ever comes in handy here’s what I’ve found:

  • Photographic Tripods in the UK use:
    • 1/4″ threading as the standard for consumer grade equipment (with some pro equipment using it too)
    • 3/8″ as the standard for pro equipment (along with the occasional consumer device)

Also worth noting that converting between the two is quite easy with an adaptor that you can get from Amazon or a local retailer. Now, here the “lose some hair” variation:

  • Audio boom microphones seem to have virtually no published standard
  • If you look hard though you’ll find that most of the US models (and some others) use 5/8″ as their standard size.
  • Great, now try and find an adaptor to move from 5/8“ to 3/8” or 1/4″. Finding it in a physical store … almost no chance. You can get them on eBay or Amazon but give yourself a week or two for delivery in most cases.

Legend Day


Today is a Legend Day in London. Don’t worry if you’re not familiar with the expression as I just made it up. The basis for the name, however, is on Bob Marley’s quintessential compilation album titled Legend and what I mean is it’s the first super nice day of the Spring. The day that everyone decides “I really need to outside”. The windows in cars come down, people are barbecuing, and music is in the air. Literally and figuratively. Quite often the literal sound of music is of non-other than Marley’s classic … still as good today as it was 30 years ago when I first started listening to it.



I’m already eagerly anticipating breakfast tomorrow? Why? Because Kabuki and I have decided to fast today. Jesus, what were we thinking. :)

I do really like the benefits of a fast but they freak me out too. Since waking up two hours ago I’ve “forgotten” I’m fasting about 20 times. Not consciously forgot but subconsciously started to think about food and start to look forward to it with no clarity of the distance between myself and my next meal. Then suddenly the reality comes crashing in … no food today! Panic. Disappointment. Acceptance. All within about 2 seconds.


Focus is so important to being productive. Actually I’d say that it’s not only important in being productive but also in achieving sustained happiness! Why am I feeling this bullish on focus right now? Partly because I’m feel quite unfocused at the moment and its driving me nuts. :)

Ok, enough blog posting already.

Luge Madness


Didn’t that old cowboy song go something like …

“don’t let yur boys grow up to luge riders”

Well it may have been cowboys but I think it would have been better advice had it been louge riders.

On the flip side, what sick twisted mind gravitates toward hurling themselves down a mountain, in a near friction-free yet highly constrained vehicle all with the hope of victory being assessed by your time beating your opponents by a fraction of a second? Whatever happemed to the risk / reward balance?

Well regardless, i’m enjoying all the oddities and amazing athletic feats that are the winter okympics.

Oxygen Displacement and Body Fat

BodPod Scale

I went to Westminster University’s polyclinic group and had my body fat measured using a BodPod device. The BodPod uses oxygen displacement to measure body fat and is meant to be of similar in technique and accuracy as the traditional gold standard of water displacement.

Anyway, as my focus this year is first lowering my body fat percentage and then in trying to up my lean mass I thought I’d get a better measurement. The process itself is painless. Three 40 second tests and you’re done almost as soon as you start. My results were great too … 12.5% body fat! Less than I’d expected although possibly a bit low considering I had food poisoning over the weekend. In any case though a good number and officially 1/2 percentage point away from “lean”. :)

Besides just direct measurement my other goal was to calibrate this more precise tool with my home tools. I have both a foot and a handle measurement device. Both use the traditional “home tech” of electrical impedance which while not perfect does give a good trend line at the very least … but how accurate is it? Well in a calibration you need multiple points to really gauge so I’ll hold off on any formal statement only to say they were within a reasonable distance. I’ll do the BodPod test again in a few months and may have more to say then.


It was great seeing Melody this weekend and we had some great meals over the three days but unfortunately somewhere between the Friday night’s dinner at Dissenting Academy and Saturday night’s dinner at Nathan Outlaw we were introduced to a major league ass kicking from the “food poisoning” department. We’ve been relegated to the couch and bed all day. I finally ate something at 7:30pm and I think it’s going to stick but man-o-man did that hurt.