About Ken

Where it all started

Well you’re probably wondering how it came to be that I’ve grown to do all these amazing things then crown those achievements with such an amazing website. You’d be right to be interested. Who wouldn’t be interested? Well kind sole, gentle purveyor of the truth, let me entertain you with a short story …

It all started in the summer of 1967. It was the summer of love and my parents had gotten the signal about three months late nonetheless I was born in the waning days of July in 1968. This was the beginning of my troubled life.

Papa was a Rolling Stone

Well dad wasn’t the swinging type, nor the serial lady killer but he did move around a lot in my early years. We moved from village to hamlet, from Boston to Belfast, back to the USA in Lexington, Kentucky then back north to Massachusetts. Finally we settled in Storrs, Connecticut. That would be home for many years but my travel gene had only gone into mild remission.

After finishing University, I moved back to Boston because this was — in my mind at the time — where I was supposed to be. Wrong. I quickly moved to New York during the weekdays. Then I moved to San Francisco for six years. Then it was India for two years. Then Amsterdam for 6 months. Then London officially but really I was in Den Bosch, Netherlands for three more years.

Now I live happily in London. Great town. Who knows if this is where I’ll settle down. I kind of doubt it but only because I’ve learned to expect the unexpected.

So whatchya do?

For several years in University many of my friends would not have been far off the mark if they’d said I was graduating in alcoholism. Great degree program but my guidance counselor told me I didn’t have the liver for it.

Anyway, soon after graduating I found my alcoholism being replaced by workahaulism. This new liver disease was welcomed by my new employer who was happy to see me working three digit work-weeks. Weee. It was fun. Exciting. It was all consuming. I was a technology consultant involved in the just blooming Internet economy. It was rewarding and my employer and I both did well through the years.

I still work for that same consultancy 16 years later. Yikes. Still have great things to say about the company even though the company has changed dramatically since my joining; my role too has changed in unrecognizable ways. My business focus for the past 12 years has been Energy Trading and I really like the creative space that has developed in trading over this time frame; particular the physical trading that takes place in commodities. In fact, its so exciting, I’ve decided I should leave it. :^)

My latest chapter is that I’m now working part-time to create a start-up (the other part of my time is still keeping a foot in Energy Trading). No details yet on the startup as there’s none to give. Keep an eye on the blog if you’re interested.

Yours truly,

Ken Snyder