Asia Trip

Kabuki and I travelled to Thailand last week for part I of our trip:

1a) Bangkok for 2+ days to check out what is apparently “the most visited city in the world now”. That title I suspect is in big part due to the amount of Chinese toursists who travel there but regardless it is a dynamic, fast paced city and it was tons of fun walking around.

1b) Chiang Mai. The largest city in Northern Thailand it is noticeable much smaller than Bangkok and has a totally different vibe. We headed to Chiang Mai for Christian and Linda’s wedding which also coincided with the anual latern festival. Linda made sure everyone had lots of fun things to do including seeing/bathing with elephants, message, good food, cooking classes, etc. It was also really nice to meet and hangout with the others who could make it … an all around great group!

Today I’m writing from Hanoi, Vietnam. We are in Vietnam at large for a week but sadly today I’m holed up in the hotel with a nasty cold. Tonight we head to Saba on a overnight train. Fingers crossed I can recover by then.

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