Can’t Wait to Vote

In the days and months ahead we need to help the masses understand better what their government is doing but right now we need to vote! Democracy is at risk.

I can not wait to vote tomorrow! I know everyone in their own time feels that the current moment has outsized urgency, risk, and impact but in my lifetime (now at the half-century mark) I know for sure I have never felt this strongly that this vote matters.

For the health of our country and our democracy I hope that my interest in voting is shared by the masses (polling suggests it is). “The People” need to learn to feel a part of the political process and start to understand the health of the democracy starts with them. The good news is that we still live in a country where there are beliefs about “the people” having control. The bad news is that the people never really have and over time the infrastructure to understand how government is actually run is getting less and less accessible making people unaware and unable to form their own views.

Going forward we need to demand better information infrastructure to allow the citizenry to understand and speak with authority on issues we care about. The current state of affairs makes knowing what government is doing a full time job and the people need better access than that. Sure the traditional media will continue to be a great asset to this country but we also need bigger investments from government to liberate information about our government so that the people learn and form opinions from more than just marketing campaigns.

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