Mr Trump, please STFU (everyone wins). That’s short for “shut the fuck up”. I know I should use less abrasive language but what a twat (there I go again)! I genuinely hope that you and your family face and are convicted for criminal charges you so richly deserve. Because of my great big hear I do think your defense of “insanity” should be heard as “dementia” and allow for you to move your hard time to a mental facility that can adequately take care of your growing needs. I further hope that the max security prison that Jared and Ivanka are sent to allow them to visit the big T at his facility as everyone should be allowed access to their families (yes even Mexicans Mr President).

Oh and btw, your giving advice to the Fed today — that you didn’t appreciate the Fed following normal monetary policy — while you were trying to bolster the economy is just fucking laughable. You don’t know shit about monetary policy and so your play is fairly easily exposed as an attempt to have “an excuse” when your financial dealings for the rich don’t pan out for your base.

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