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2013 01 04 08 14 35

Some while back I signed up for a free service from Google that runs analysis on my email patterns. I often don’t look at it but when I do it’s kind of interesting. From this chart I can see the amount of emails I write steadily declines during the week from Monday through Saturday but then bounces back on Sunday. That seems right. What does it tell me? How does it help? Not really sure yet. It may make no difference at all and in which case I’d still give it some value as it was enjoyable to see this data and ponder what it meant. 

2 thoughts on “Email Patterns”

  1. Your flow of data is mainly inwards in the early part of the week, and reverses once you catch up and respond. Or conversely you send out a stack of emails on a Sunday which elicit responses during the rest of the week. Or else you need to stop using email at weekends 😉

    1. Thanks for the analysis help. Would I be going to far by abandoning the email thing entirely? No need to answer that … my extremist views are not meant to acted on, just appreciated for their utter beauty (and lack of practicality). ;^)

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